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I’d like you to remember a time when you experienced a ground hog day or maybe a moment of déjà vu.

Come back with me to January 2011, I’m sitting in the modern, spacious and efficient looking boardroom of ‘The APR Agency’, a stone’s throw from Lincoln Cathedral and sitting opposite me is Philip Ranby the owner and MD, he looks a little bit like a younger version of the famous Sir John Harvey Jones MBE and chairman of ICI.

“Tim I just don’t know what to do with them anymore, I mean they are supposed to be sales people right? So why don’t they sell!! I’ve got targets in place, detailed systems and procedures, incentives and training and yet no-one can do this job like I tell them”.

“OK Philip, so the good news is this isn’t the first time I’ve had this situation and so I know I can help you”

“Really Tim, but do you really understand the problem? I mean really understand the pressure and the urgency of this situation…it’s critical, I don’t want a long term strategy, I need it fixed right now”.

“Ah, Philip, let me take you back to 1979, you’d have seen me walking up the stairs for my 10.15am appointment with Mr Appleby the local solicitor, to be greeted with, “Mr Meagher, I believe that your best option is bankruptcy and I fail to see how you can afford my fees”.

I knew that there had to be a ‘better way’. Business failures I understood (I mean even the most successful, like Walt Disney had experienced business failures) but personal bankruptcy was the signature of a judge finally pronouncing “Personal Failure”.

I started to consider what I was good at and guess what my mind told me ….well clearly; you’re good at getting into debt.  And that was like a lightbulb moment…. I had a plan!

I went to work and found the names and phone numbers of the top Credit Control executives of the major high street banks.

When I got through on the phone to Martin Jeffrey the first Bank on the list and told him that I had a magnificent idea I wanted to share with him and something to show him.

I got an appointment with him and explained that I had been in debt one time, (I didn’t say when) and I found that their debt collection procedures were very poor. He immediately and wholeheartedly agreed and furthermore told me they were about to make a massive investment and purchase a very expensive, predictive, power-dialler and knew that their staff needed training.

I put together training courses for all their top executives on negotiating, debt collection and customer service. I worked with all of the High Street Banks and was pleased to note that my training courses were established as a benchmark for the industry. One bank gave me two hundred and fifty thousand debts with a value of £500Million to collect on a commission only basis. The banks also rewarded me by selling me millions of pounds of debt at three per cent, that’s three pence in the pound and of course I was allowed to keep all I collected.

I went from near bankruptcy to earning in excess of £7 million from simply showing the Banks, “How to collect their own debts”.

It was like each day was a day to learn from the mistakes of the past and so each day was a new day.

I discovered how to create a different approach to developing totally inexperienced people with a radically common-sense approach. I am absolutely passionate about training and developing people to a level way beyond their highest expectations”

“Wow Tim, you really do understand my pain and how to turn it around…so what do I need to do”

Philip, have you ever had a time when you used your personal experience and basic talents to help others?

I met with Philip’s team and we started to see some excellent results. However, little did I know what was about to happen!!!!

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It was Easter Thursday April 2011, just three months after my initial APR meeting and I’m in a follow-up meeting with Philip.

“Morning Tim, nice to see you again, I can see from the teams feedback that they are very impressed with you and I have seen that this training is working.

However, I’ve been informed that you removed and discontinued the need to complete the ‘Prospecting Daily Activity Report’, which included a detailed hour by hour record of all prospecting attempts including names, addresses, telephone numbers, letters sent and follow-up details together with what was said, which took so much time to complete that it took them out of the ‘sales flow’. They were writing a voluminous history of failures.

But Tim, I need to know what is happening every minute of the day, it’s my business.

Looking at Philip, I recognised the strain on his face, the lack of sleep, the face of a man under pressure, trying to do everything.

“Philip, not so long ago, I worked with a qualified plumber who was working as an employee for a large company and he decided that he could run his own business and provide a better service than his current employer.

He talked to his family, got their support and headed to the bank to borrow some money to buy a van and some tools.

He is now the Managing Director of his very own plumbing business. He continues to be a great plumber and wins plenty of local business, so much so that he hired another plumber to help and so he needed the bank to lend him more money.

Before long he has eight plumbers on the road and finds that he has to worry about, Banking, Accounts, Compliance, Office of Fair Trading, Data Protection, Value Added Tax, Marketing, Selling, Credit Control, Customer Service, Administration, Complaints, Hiring and Firing Staff etc.

He is working harder than he has ever worked in his life, he worries 24/7 and is mystified to understand why his business is in serious debt.

My job was to help the bank get the debt repaid. I went to meet these business owners or as the bank called them ‘delinquent debts’, whose debts were supported by PG’s or Personal Guarantee’s. You would have to have had a heart of stone not to have empathy for these business owners who hadn’t done a thing wrong but were now threatened with eviction from their family homes.

I helped him, collect some of his debt, reduce down his staff and got him back to running a successful business”.

Philip, it certainly is your business and you have a team to run the business, think of it like a football team – Do you want to be the goalkeeper, the defence, the forwards or the striker? Or are you the manager, the owner? If it’s the latter, your role is to work on your business, not in the business; no-one else can do that job as good as you.

On that day I realised that I needed to include the owners and managers in the training too and that’s when I created a solution for all areas of the business.

A business in trouble has usually a number of problems, if you cut expenses, part with some staff and make some profitable sales that will always help. However, I have been privileged to examine my clients most closely guarded secrets and systems, which provided me with an advantage to gain insights into why some marketing strategies and techniques are so simple, quick and effective to implement and why some must be avoided as they are destined and guaranteed to cost fortunes and fail.

I now have, through my books, seminars, training and 1-2-1 coaching, over three decades helped the owners of thousands of small to medium size enterprises, across eighty-four industries, achieve sustained growth, using a scaled down version of the marketing strategies used by the corporates.

As a business coach specialist, I continue to hone my craft so that I can offer, the business owner, the best of both worlds; the ability to transform the thinking and actions of their staff, creating massively improved business results. In addition to coaching the business owner to provide them with the inspiration, motivation and strategies to create and maintain profitable businesses. The added bonus is the business owners re-discover their passion and tap their unique resources to increase their overall worth and happiness.

I help my clients to understand that everyday can be a great day and that’s the kind of déjà vu they like!

Tim is one of the country’s leading experts in the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He is both a dynamic, entertaining speaker and highly sought after business coach and performance management trainer. He is also a keen supporter of the Catch 22 Charity.

Tim now specialises in helping owner managers of small to medium sized enterprises grow their business and their profit margin. Tim offers a wide range of Business Coaching, Mentoring, Personal Development and Performance Management services throughout Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and beyond.

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