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Affordable Business Coach Consultant, available across  Northampton, Leicester and Cambriodge.

Are you the owner of a small or medium-sized business? Tim will work with you to identify what your business and your staff need to excel. Training, staff retention, Performance Management, leadership and motivation are all topics he can tackle while coaching you and your company to be the best they can be.

Tim believes that working smarter is more important than working longer and harder hours. Enjoying success is one of the main reasons for pursuing it in the first place, and learning how to balance the demands of being a business owner with the rest of your life is vital.

Everything that you need to succeed and lead your staff to success is already within you. Tim will help you unlock that potential and teach you how to find and unlock it in others as well.

For Tim, business coaching and mentoring is not just a job but a calling. He has dedicated the rest of his life to teaching others how to effectively manage their small or medium-sized companies.

Tim does not believe in compartmentalising success; in his experience, the same principles that made him excel in business and provided him with material rewards also made him a better person.

Excellence is a quality that will permeate every aspect of your life, and in his coaching and mentoring courses, Tim will guide you to that excellence.

When a person has a passion for the work they do, that passion will transform the work and the person. Tim has been transformed by his own work and will transform you as well, along with your staff and your business.

What is Business Coaching?

Coaching is not just for sports. People may use coaches in nearly every area of their lives, and that includes business. A business coach blends aspects of personal development with principles of leadership and management, to ensure that you reach your full potential in the workplace and bring your colleagues and company along with you.

Who Needs a Business Coach?

Whether you are struggling with specific career issues, managing staff through a difficult transitional time or soaring at the top of your game, you can benefit from some time with a business coach. Tim can help you define your goals and work on an action plan to reach them, give you tools for motivating your staff, help you through career challenges and more.

Why Tim Meagher?

Tim is passionately committed to helping people reach their full potential through the coaching that he offers. His own personal background of bootstrapping his way to success from near-bankruptcy to the life of a multimillionaire forms the backbone of his business coaching approach. Intuitively blending the ideas and principles of some of the greatest minds, gurus and philosophers the world has known with his personal approach to success, Tim believes that self-motivation is the ultimate key. He also believes that his life’s work is helping people find that key within themselves. Everyone has the potential to achieve what they want.

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Is Your Company Performance Below Par?

Some will say “that is not the case in my company”. So how much better or worse is it then?

“People issues” are at the heart of many poor performance issues. Even in the world of high technology, the motivation and performance of its people can make or break organisational success. Ineffective understanding and communication between customers, employees and management can be disastrous. The symptoms of some of these issues are very tangible and extremely expensive. High employee turnover, low sales, low staff performance, low customer retention, union disputes, lawsuits, employee theft, low response to marketing efforts and staff burnout.

Other symptoms may be less direct in their effect on the bottom line, but they are just as detrimental to your performance and just as expensive in their indirect effects. Absenteeism, undermining of executive decisions with coffee-room gossip, less-than-kind customer service, team conflicts, missed deadlines, undue competitive behaviour that undercuts trust and team cooperation, and other seemingly petty issues, cumulatively eat up valuable time and resources.

Professional Personal Development, Mentoring and Performance Management Services.

Many people report that they have little time for pro-active “real work” because of the numerous people-related issues that come up each day! These issues can be eliminated or dramatically reduced when they are understood and dealt with at the root cause level, rather than at the symptom level.

Tim Meagher is dedicated to helping owner managers, inspire and motivate their staff to produce extraordinary results. So why not claim your FREE Business Coaching Session today? Available throughout Northampton, Leicester, Cambridge, Lincoln and all surrounding areas.

For further information on our range of services, please visit our Executive Coaching page.

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