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The following are genuine testimonials from a small selection of our many satisfied customers.

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Business Coach Specialist - Customer Testimonials
  • Paul Manson. Managing Director, Print & Display Ltd.

    Having enjoyed over twenty years of successful trading our directors and shareholders decided to inject some new dynamism into the business.

    Tim Meagher arrived with first class references and credentials and has substantially exceeded our expectations.

    He has helped us reintroduce operational and management meetings which are effective and efficient. He has helped us re-evaluate and review our HR requirements, hire some more quality staff and install an excellent and exciting sales process, supported with a CRM system.

    We won’t give Tim all the credit for it, but we have decided to grow the business by investing in much larger premises.

    Tim is an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with him for many years to come.

  • Terry Sinclair, Divisional Ops Manager, Provident Financial Group

    I spent 11 great years working with Tim Meagher in Greenwich.

    Tim’s obvious skills as a salesman make him a fantastic communicator with all. Tim was a great motivator, coach and leader and was not scared to take a risk or put his trust in someone and delegate.

    He encouraged staff and gave them confidence to step / speak up and always recognised / rewarded those that had put in the extra or done something above and beyond.

    His management style was organised without being regimented and with an element of give and take. Tim was always approachable if someone needed a chat and could recognise quickly, employees strengths and weaknesses.

    Obviously not every employee can be a success story and if Tim’s values of respect, honesty, loyalty, commitment and contribution were not displayed by an individual, they would not last long in the company.

  • Howard Handley, Principal and Managing Director, Seacroft Ford, Mablethorpe, Lincs

    Seacroft Ford is a Family run business which has been trading successfully for some forty five years. Notwithstanding the tough economic climate, the company was proud of its ability to continue to achieve target and yet considered it prudent to seek every available means of moving forward.

    The directors of the business attribute its success in part to the invaluable wisdom and experience passed to the current management team from the founders of the company, its commitment to the personal development of its staff together with the training supplied by The Ford Motor Company. Their comprehensive training academy includes some 100 courses; on subjects ranging from Car Valeting through to Sales, Marketing, Motivation and Management. Notwithstanding this vast range of excellent courses, Seacroft Ford invited Tim Meagher to assist the company with Sales & Marketing, and overall Business and staff development.

    Tim may not have been to Harvard but he has very clearly got a vast amount of natural talent which when blended with his professional, business and personal experience make him a must for any organisation seeking an injection of fresh ideas delivered with enthusiasm and boundless energy. His drive and passion together with his charm and engaging personality makes him a natural at inspiring and motivating people to take positive action.

    Having been engrossed with all levels of the business for many years, it was refreshing to work with Tim and concentrate on the leadership and development required within the company whilst reflecting on how best to move forward.

    Tim provided us with more approaches to be used in expanding and improving our business, ranging from common sense techniques which when applied with subtlety can have such dramatic effect on a speedy outcome, to more sophisticated and long term managerial strategies. These tools have been integrated into many aspects of our business, including personnel, recruitment, training, and staff development.

  • Founders, Directors and Shareholders of Running Imp, Caroline Birkin and Chris Illsley

    We have been trading successfully for twenty five years, and notwithstanding the recession, we are in the midst of a record year on turnover and profitability. The Directors decided that they could not afford to rest on their laurels. Following a number of in-depth meetings the company hired Tim Meagher, who had come to us with first class references and promises of improving productivity, performance, staff morale and overall profitability.

    It took Tim little or no time to win the respect of the board of directors and our very experienced and talented management team. Tim very quickly identified the strengths within our business, and very sensibly did not try to fix that which was not broken, being highly focused on areas needing immediate improvement. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and headed straight for the production line where he won the respect of all concerned with his attention to detail and genuine regard for the success and personal development of each individual. His communication skills allow him to converse will all levels of our staff whilst not compromising on the message to be delivered.

    Tims review and recommendations caused the company to complete a staff re-organisation with a renewed focus on increased performance and quality whilst at the same time improving morale.

    Tim is a very serious advocate of the principle of going the extra mile and without hesitation I would confirm that he does just that. We have found that he is a pleasure to work with and the company looks forward to continue working with him.

  • Philip Ranby, Senior Partner, The APR Agency, Lincoln

    I run an executive recruitment employment agency and have been in business for some 25 years. I recently employed Tim Meagher to review our systems and procedures and would have to say that my partners and staff were marginally sceptical on his ability to deliver as promised.

    Tim immediately focused on sales and marketing and within a very short space of time won the respect of everyone within the company including some very experienced personnel.

    He very quickly got to grips with the key factors that contribute to the uniqueness of this successful family run business. He identified a significant number of hidden talents within the business which needed to be gainfully and profitably exploited.

    His attention to detail caused the company to review its overall marketing strategy. He is clearly talented with plenty of real life business experiences to draw upon. He is an inspirational leader and ideally suited to provide the necessary motivation to execute a well thought out marketing plan. His excellent reputation as a splendid sales trainer is clear for all to see.

    Tim has many qualities not least of which is his integrity, he is honest, reliable and hard working with a good sense of humour and is a pleasure to work with. He promised some exceptional guarantees which he has delivered on and is passionate about helping owner/managers to which I highly recommend him.

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  • Peter Wilford – Managing Director – Gateway Career Management

    Tim’s company hired me to help an employee explore new opportunities and develop a plan to progress their career. I quickly found that Tim has a very high regard and loyalty for his staff and this is mutual. As a businessman and leader Tim has many strengths. He has a natural charisma and an infectious ability to build and sustain quality relationships with people at all levels to put them at ease quickly and build their trust. I also discovered that he is an excellent presenter of ideas, to hold his audiences and draw them immediately to his ideas. During our dealings I found him open and warm. He combines proven sales skills with a clear commercial mind. I strongly recommend him as a business development consultant and mentor. He has the full package and will continue to be successful in this field

  • Kiran Bisso MD – Southworld Technologies

    We have been trading for some years and whilst our growth had been steady we needed to move up a gear and thats when we were introduced to Tim Meagher by our accountant. Tim has such a massive depth of knowledge and experience. Whilst he has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes to grow and develop their business he has also done it himself from zero to £5M and £1M turnover respectively. His passion for helping business owners is clear for all to see.

    His enormous and credible confidence in his talents and ability force him to fervently believe that a clear understanding of the real problem is essential before attempting to deliver a solution. He says that prescription before diagnosis is equal to malpractice. Having established the need, Tim’s no-nonsense approach to rapidly moving forward always appears obvious and achievable. His natural confidence and enthusiasm make him a powerful motivator and inspirational leader to all who are lucky enough to work with him. Tim Meagher has made a huge contribution to our company’s growth and development.

  • Ed and Lucy Herring joint Owners of Washingborough Hall Hotel

    We had the pleasure of Tim’s company and wisdom for 3 months.

    He was welcomed by WH to boost sales and sales techniques of hotel bedrooms and weddings, of which he made significant improvements of increasing the average room rate by 23%. He lived and breathed WHH, he embraced the business with unending passion for developing and questioning our unique business decisions and plans.

    He gave us a new energy and zest for life, he is discreet, well mannered, interesting, fun, kind, generous and inspirational. Our girls don’t share us easily, but clearly felt Tim could teach us a thing or 2! I feel we are blessed to have our paths cross, he has helped produce record breaking budgets with the assistance of our awesome team.

    We feel that Tim will continue to inspire and develop our successful business in years to come. We appreciate his massive efforts, he is a credit to his family!

  • Angus Kirk – Managing Director Kirks Vets Ltd

    Kirks Vets was established some 100 years ago and is currently managed by Jim Kirk who first started practicing in the 1960s, and his son Angus. The firm continues to grow with the help of five of the finest vets in the county who have invaluable experience with both large and small animals. The firm was committed to continued growth, taking full advantage of their first class modern facilities at Sleaford and Grantham, together with the experienced staff. The firm were advised by their Bankers, Accountants and Financial advisers on what to do but it was not until the Directors met Tim Meagher were they shown how.

    By Tims own admission it took him all his effort to reconcile a professional firm dedicated to animal care and the commercial reality of managing and developing a profitable business.

    In just six weeks Tim won the respect of the full team of Vets, Nurses and support staff together with a comprehensive understanding of the key performance indicators. Tim claimed to be a little reluctant and very squeamish on the matter of medication, blood and full surgery. He believes that when a customers shiatsu successfully mated with a Cocker spaniel that his subsequent attendance at the caesarean and beautiful birth of four Shockers, fully demonstrated to him the uniqueness, total professionalism and genuine dedication of the firms staff.

    Tim got the full staff force thinking outside the Box like they have never thought before. They have raised their game with all of them making a greater effort. Tim submitted a twenty two point restructuring plan which had the approval of the directors and staff which was enthusiastically and promptly implemented.

    Tim is inspirational, a delight to work with and totally supportive in the firms decision making. Tim is very clearly passionate and at home in staff training, development and motivation.

  • Anu Massey – Senior Partner – Appleton Massey Solicitors

    I have worked with Tim Meagher for a number of years now in relation to both our work in the credit and debt industry. From day one, I found Tim to be a charming individual and an absolute pleasure to work with. Tim is a very down to earth individual, his indepth knowledge of the industry enables him to have a unique understanding of the challenges facing owner/managers. He has always had a very positive and realistic outlook which is refreshing. I have always found him to be most supportive of my endeavours. Whilst he is undoubtedly performance driven, he has a natural talent for relationship issues. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim to any of my business associates.

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