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Affordable Executive Coaching Courses.

Do you wish to have more motivated executives with purpose?

Is enhancing your skills in motivating your team to succeed something you’re interested in?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

As a business owner, you probably appoint executive positions based on factors like formal education, experience, qualifications, ambition and sustainability. This position comes with the responsibility of managing the department’s affairs and the authority to make decisions within specified boundaries.

Running a business is no picnic. It can sometimes feel like a very solitary pursuit. All executives face moments when the strategies that made them succeed are no longer adequate. Taking on a more senior role calls for new skills and ways of thinking.

As a business owner, the buck stops with you, and all decisions rest on your shoulders. So what happens when you need guidance? Sometimes you need to discuss critical issues with a non-biased confidante. An experienced business coach is probably the most valuable resource available.

Understanding The Executives Levels Of Authority

In appointing an executive, you should provide a clearly defined set of responsibilities. The duties must be accompanied by the authority to make decisions.

The executive will rely on the service of others for the department to succeed. This can include suppliers, colleagues or a combination of both.

When things go wrong as a result of executives and their departments failing to match the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), the blame is inevitably pushed towards suppliers or supporting colleagues.

This is the stage where, as a business owner, you need to scrutinise the level of authority to make decisions which have been assigned to the executive.

Simple levels of authority are crucial to the success of the department. They include the authority to hire, fire, discipline and reward employees.

What Is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is the initiation of a one-on-one relationship between a company executive and a professional business coach. The relationship is meant to benefit the executive by developing their skills and strategies to increase their impact and help them achieve faster, more targeted success.

Leadership and talent development is a grave concern for many organisations. With tailored coaching about how to apply new concepts and internalise them, executives realise greater benefit for themselves, their teams, and the company.

An executive coach will help you identify your goals, understand the best way to face challenges and make the hard decisions. This way, you will be confident in your decisions, able to handle problems professionally and empower those around you. All these will make you a better leader in and out of the office.

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Why You Need Executive Leadership Coaching

The best of the best in the world use coaches, so why should executives be any different? Although many executives have leadership qualities inside them, leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Working with a professional over time can strengthen leadership skills.

The journey to the top is quite lonely. As you advance your career, the path becomes narrower. So many executives could be successful if they just had the right counsel and support.

Executive leadership coaching is a form of re-education where the coach will teach you to bring the best in your team. You can do this by fostering better performance and developing your employees’ skill sets.

Whether you’re a newly-appointed or seasoned executive, you need executive leadership coaching. The quality of top executives is their desire always to learn something new.

Why Tim Meagher?

Tim Meagher has been coaching and mentoring executives and their teams for decades. He provides executive coaching courses to teams and individuals at senior management and board level. His coaching programs are designed to provide a customised development experience.

For the individual, he focuses on leadership, personal career development and specific work-related challenges. He uses a variety of strategies designed to help you optimise communication and workplace efficiency.

For the organisation, Tim focuses on increased commitment and creativity, and improved executive retention. He will help you identify and work toward achieving your company’s short and long-term goals.

Affordable Executive Leadership Coaching Courses.

Tim will help you hone your leadership skills and build out your scope of vision. With decades of experience in maximising personal power, you will learn how to understand and address your own needs, goals and intentions.

Tim’s core motivation is to help executives identify the real meaning and purpose in their roles. His approach integrates a number of different tools and techniques. Among the ones he uses to maximise executive performance include integral coaching, behavioural techniques, somatic intelligence and self-help training.

Topics can vary, based on the needs identified. During most coaching sessions, Tim will cover many of the following topics:

  • How to be a more inspiring leader.

  • How to motivate subordinates.

  • How to spot and fix self-limiting beliefs.

  • How to manage life-work balance.

  • How to handle work issues/crises quickly and effectively.

  • How to manage problem co-workers.

  • How to empower, upskill and upgrade the senior executive team.

  • How to give and receive feedback.

  • How to build positive work relationships.

  • How to improve interpersonal communication skills.

  • How to increase employee and customer engagement

  • How to make progress through change and much more!

Tim will expose your less developed and strong skills and qualities. Based on his assessment, he will formulate a coaching plan tailored to individual needs, objectives and challenges.

Executive coaching is most successful when you are able to pass what you’ve learned to the rest of your team. After working with Tim, you will be able to relay your lessons and strategies to team members at all levels.

Are You Ready To Lead Your Business To New Levels of Success?

You already know how competitive your business is, and the potential you have to achieve lasting financial success. But you also know you could use some little help to get there. We all do. Let Tim help you take your business to the next level.

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