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This FREE Business Coaching Session has been designed to help you grow your business.

The growth of your business or indeed the speed of growth is frequently a reflection on the personal growth of the business owner. All successful business owners encounter and cope with ‘bad times’ and regrettably these ‘down times’ often take much longer than they should. This free business coaching session will show you how to speed up this process, how to get out of trouble and stay out of it, with a consequent release from worry, anguish and frustration.

There are many reasons why successful, intelligent and honest people allow their business’s to get out of control. Just occasionally, a set of circumstances can arise that would topple even a hard-headed city financier with a couple of million pounds to his name. But more often, people get into difficulty because of their temperament. They are human, perhaps generous. They get caught up in a given situation and make the wrong responses – often taking the short-term view. Temptations arise and they succumb. Many people, by their very nature, are inclined to let tomorrow take care of itself. Unfortunately, it can’t and it won’t.

Lots of us are extremely good at certain aspects of our business, make reliable friends whilst working hard on our relationships — but turn out to be not terribly skillful at handling every area of our business. Few of us, after all, have actually been trained to run a business.

For over three decades Tim Meagher has personally worked with hundreds of business owners across eighty four industries and without exception, all the successful ones would agree that a great deal of what they have learned and achieved was either through experience, mistakes and ‘just learning as we go along’.

It is the study of the successful and the unsuccessful business owners that reveals “The 5 Fundamental Principles for Business Success” which are as follows and are known as ‘The 5 P’s’.

  • Purpose

  • Procedures

  • Promote

  • People

  • Profit

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It is the intensity and the manner in which these principles are embraced that determines the outcome.


In this section our free coaching session will cover the destination you have in mind together with the direction you are heading in and the disciplines required to enjoy the journey and to get there safely. But do bear in mind that success is not a destination it is a journey.


Here we will outline the secrets to building and retaining a ‘Stress Free Work Routine”. Staff do not wish to be managed, you cannot imagine one of your staff leaving home in the morning with the words “I’m off to work darling, as I look forward to being managed”. Instead we must get the staff to manage the systems and procedures.


You have to be relentless in your pursuit of winning profitable new customers. And for this you can rely on our ‘Simple Sales System’. You must have a proven sales system. You cannot grow your business or indeed hold on to a successful business without having a truly reliable system for generating profitable new customers. You cannot have a situation where you are under enormous pressure to make more sales without having a system where you can simply turn the tap on.


For this we have “The Elite Staff Creator”. You must know exactly how to “Hire and Fire” and “Train and Develop”. Some people will say that training is very expensive and “if we train them they might leave” and we say “What if you don’t train them and they stay”.


Some consider this a vulgar subject. Without a responsible profit you are out of business. You need the profit to re-invest in your business, in people, equipment, raw materials, in research and development. You cannot stand still, you have to grow and be ahead of the entrepreneur that is just planning to set up and compete with you.

Our initial FREE Business Coaching Session can cover any one of these or can be used as a general Brainstorming Session.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for further information. We also recommend reading more about our Business Coach Services.

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