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Highly paid sales people are over qualified to invest too much time in Lead Generation. The Tim Meagher Organisation can show you, in very simple terms, the importance of and how easy it is to delegate this key responsibility.

The Perfect Method’ is designed to identify and locate Hot Prospects, i.e. people who are ready willing and able to buy your product or service. Finding those prospects is important, but it can take time, and the work of actually fishing for leads does not earn money.

The P.E.R.F.E.C.T method is designed to be non-labour intensive. It brings in a steady flow of leads so that you can concentrate on the actual process of selling to your captured prospects.

It is important to understand the seven steps necessary to make the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Method work for you in developing cold leads into hot prospects and valuable new customers for your business.

The Seven Step P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Lead Generation Method

P – Position yourself or your company as the expert in the industry.

You want people to think: “Sure there are a lot of good electricians in this town, but Daniel is the business — he’s an expert, he knows more about the electrical trade than the average electrician, he’s written a book on it”.

E – Educate, Inform and Influence. Give something of benefit that costs you little.

Produce a special report that is not an advertisement, and contains no hard sales pitches or any other kind of overt advertising come-ons.


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R – Record all your data within a splendid Customer Relationship Management system.

Be aware that getting a steady flow of leads, means that you need an efficient lead management system for handling and dealing with your valuable pipeline of new business prospects. A good CRM system will enable you to keep in touch and improve your position with the prospect.

F – Use all available low cost, effective advertising and marketing to promote your business, including Social Media.

You see, a good sales pitch needs to do five things. Those five things can be summed up in the term AICDA—it, which stands for Attention, Interest, Credibility, Desire and Action. A good ad, sales letter, radio ad, website, or TV spot must produce all five. Keep it simple and don’t use jargon or technical words unless absolutely essential. Plus offer an irresistible, no risk, money back guarantee.

E – Eggs! Don’t put them all in one basket, you must use a variety of communication tools.

To create an effective marketing campaign you must, adopt multiple tactics that reach out to cold, warm and hot prospects on a continuing basis and usher them through the sales cycle. Even if you have found a rich vein of hot prospects, you must continue to look for other avenues. As sure as Eggs are Eggs, this rich vein will dry up.

C – Call or telephone when appropriate or when the prospect is ready.

Bear in mind that on average, it takes “ten marketing-driven touches” to progress a lead from the top of the funnel to a sale. Keep being kind and generous with what you can do for your prospects and it is a guarantee that you will be repaid in abundance.

In time you will form a view as to whether your potential new customer is cold, warm, very warm or hot. You can make a telephone call to check their temperature but once you have decided that it is “Hot” and a 1-2-1 meeting beckons, you must move very decisively and purposefully. If it is a hot prospect for your company, they are also almost certainly a ‘Hot Prospect’ for your competitor.

T – Test and Measure, do not guess and make sure to measure all responses.

You must test and measure to find out what works and what doesn’t. This minimises your potential losses and increases your success at the same time.

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Here’s what you do – just work on no more than four simple variables.

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A. Try the very same copy in different publications.

B. Only change one variable at a time. If you change two or more variables simultaneously you’ll never know which variable change was the most successful. If you want to change the ‘Attention Grabber’ then do, but do not change the rest of the copy. If you want to change the ‘Interest’ element, then do but leave the ‘Attention grabber alone’. If you wish to change the ‘Call to Action’ then do and leave the rest alone, and then proceed to test the results.

C. Evaluate the results. You’ll find that although one advertisement may have achieved a better response, the sales may be worse. Don’t forget it’s not really about responses; it’s about the profit you generate! Once you’re happy with your results, your best performing ad becomes what’s known as your ‘Champion.’ This means that you’ll use this ad repeatedly until another ad you test against it or challenge beats it.

D. Keep testing. You should be continually testing your ads. Don’t stop at doing one headline test. For example, keep testing different headlines against your most successful one and so on. Split run tests are a superb way to test your marketing campaigns.

Test, Test, Test, and you’ll increase your sales, income, and profits quicker than you ever thought possible. The bottom line is, the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Lead Generation Method works when executed correctly, so don’t quit.

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