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“The man who gets the most satisfactory results is not always the man with the brilliant single mind, but rather the man who can best coordinate the brains and talents of his associates.” – W. Alton Jones

Leadership coaching expert available throughout the UK.

Do you wish to explore and develop your leadership skills for improved career development and effective organisational performance? If you struggle to be a good leader in your organisation then we can help you!

Leadership is a rare skill as it requires technical skill, experience, patience, vision, judgement, durability and a deeply refined character. A leader should aspire to help other managers achieve a level of perfection.

To be a successful leader, you need to have the expertise to quickly adapt and thrive in changing environments. Great leaders help their teams to adapt and succeed in changing environments as well. To make this possible, you should have an awareness of yourself, others and how the business really works.

The Business Coach Specialist offers executive leadership coaching services will help you gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to excel at both the individual and team levels. Whether you are a future, new or senior leader, you will benefit from Tim’s leadership coaching.

Why Tim Meagher?

Tim boasts a wealth of leadership coaching experience amassed over decades of working with both small businesses and large corporate organisations throughout the UK.

Tim partners closely with individual leaders and stakeholders to identify behaviours that limit the leader’s effectiveness, as well as behaviours that contribute to their success.

He uses a combination of survey assessment, data gathering, interviews and observation to understand your specific needs. This information comes in handy when assessing your current challenges and improvement opportunities.

A customised learning experience will help you:

  • Create a sustainable plan that guarantees successful implementation and long-term success.
  • Apply strategic thinking.
  • Identify your strengths and areas that need more work.
  • Build high performance teams.
  • Recognise and collaboratively develop action plans for future development.
  • Give and receive helpful, open feedback.
  • Identify resources that can guide your team through their learning process.

6 Key Strategies For Effective Executive Leadership Coaching

1. Understand The Values Of Your Company

Focus on developing a personal understanding of your organisation’s values. Take time to think about what your organisation’s values really mean to you and your unique leadership style. It helps to know which of your behaviours portray those values. In the event that your organisation’s principles and beliefs don’t have a meaning for you, it will be almost impossible to make them meaningful for others. Scrutinise your own personal set of values and see how they blend with your organisation’s. Personal and organisational values should be in sync.

2Lead By Example

As a leader, people look up to you. They learn by observing you. As a role model for your people, you must walk your talk. Remember actions speak louder than words. Show them what the organisational values mean through your behaviours. Bringing values to life is a behavioural issue.

Your values will be demonstrated in 4 behaviours:

  • What you do.
  • What you say.
  • How you spend your time.
  • How you deal with problems and crises.

Fight for and win the respect of your people and get them to want to follow your lead.

3. Instill Organisational Values To Your People

You have made it known to your employees that you expect them to live by your organisational values. You need to teach them on the importance of living your values. Asking questions is a great and effective way to teach those values. Asking people questions like what they value and the organisational values they use repeatedly will point them to the right direction. They will learn how to apply thinking skills on their own and articulate what they already know.

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4. Get Rid Of Obstacles And Barriers To Working With Values.

As a leader, your most important job is to help people succeed. When employees succeed, the whole organisation wins. There are always obstructions to values driven by performance. To smooth the way, identify the roadblocks, minimise or eliminate them completely. Show team members how to deal with barriers and obstacles that cannot be removed. Work on removing those self-imposed limitations employees have. You can do this by demonstrating how the employee does have a choice.

5. Reward Those Who Live The Values

People crave recognition. It is a fact. As you probably know, effective feedback must be timely and specific. Telling an employee that he or she is ”doing great and working with the organisational values” is not effective. What does that even mean? How do you expect people to do more of it, if they are not sure what you mean? Try saying something like “ yesterday I noticed how you went above and beyond to help that new technician do his job. I appreciate your gesture.”

65 percent of employees feel like they don’t get enough praise. According to a recent survey on employee engagement by Officevibe, 82 percent of employees prefer praise to gifts. Recognising and rewarding behaviour that is in line with organisational values is a proven way to ensure that the values continue. It’s also effective method for improving employee motivation, productivity and engagement.

6. Re-direct Those Who Aren’t Working With The Company Values

This is where your authority as a leader comes to play. Not every employee will be in line with your organisational values. There will always be a few who don’t want to get with the program. It is your responsibility to deal with such people or everyone suffers. To avoid losing credibility and respect of others, you should hold employees accountable when they’re not living the values. Explore with them why they are doing what they are doing and their reasons for not living the values.

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The secret to having the greatest impact on your business today is taking the time and having courage to  re-direct those who aren’t working within your company values.

Over the years, Tim has witnessed first-hand leaders who fail and those who succeed. “Telling them how it is” has demonstrated positive outcome in many successful organisations. Have the character and make it a habit to have these awkward and uncomfortable conversations. Everyone is watching how you deal with it, so don’t shy from telling them what they don’t want to hear.

The Business Coach Specialist can teach you the most important leadership qualities that will help you to develop your staff and your organisation. Contact Us today to learn more about how you can become a better leader, or to discuss the perks of our proven executive leadership coaching services.

We partner with business owners to ensure that the learning is dedicated to relevant challenges and opportunities. You may also be interested in viewing our Small Business Coaching page.

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