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Business Coach Specialist, Tim Meagher supports the Catch 22 charity.

We have chosen ‘Catch 22’ as our charity which has as its vision, the three P’s. Purpose, Place and People.

Catch 22 has as its vision a strong society where everyone has a purpose, a good place to live and good people around them. They are committed to ensuring these are achievable for everyone, no matter what their background, believing that access to these three basic things is fundamental to transforming lives and communities.

We are dedicated to supporting our clients with business and staff development through the personal development of their staff. Our focus is on the five P’s, the five fundamental principles for business success, which are Purpose, Procedures, Promote, People and Profit.

We contribute a percentage of our profit into supporting Catch 22 and thrive from knowing that every pound we give helps to give others a place and positive people to be with. We are also committed to mentor wherever possible those in need of support, motivation, training and development.

This charity is not only aligned to what we stand for and do, but is also a driver and motivation for us to help as many people and businesses as possible.

Our customers know that they are making a difference, confident in the knowledge that they are supporting a worthy cause by investing in our Business Coaching, Staff Development and Sales Training programmes.

If you are interested to learn more about how Tim can help you to develop your business, then why not claim your FREE Business Coaching Session today!

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The Tim Meagher Organisation
2 Oak Way, Heckington, Sleaford
Lincolnshire, NG34 9FG

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