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One of the most rewarding aspects of being a sales manager is helping the team reach and exceed the agreed sales marketing plan targets.

Sales management responsibility is not limited to managing, developing and motivating the sales resource. Sales managers are also responsible for making accurate sales forecasts, hiring the right people, leading their teams to higher performance and coaching middle performers to close more deals.

It takes a certain kind of person to step into a sales manager role and an even more unique one to be successful at it. Your sales manager needs to be inspired and motivated to manage your sales system effectively.

Sales managers require sales management skills to augment their existing skill set. Sales leadership training is essential to revenue growth and sales success for any organisation. Sales growth is vital for the growth of any organisation

According to research by Sales Xceleration only 1 in 5 organisations budget for sales management training programs. The study also pointed out that 3 percent of companies haven’t provided any sales leadership training to their sales managers. This puts at risk a company’s sales team stability, morale, reputation and even its very existence.

The Business Coach Specialist offers established Sales Management Training Programs based on developing the skills of sales managers, helping them drive performance through their teams. The courses will show that you should emphasise on reviewing your actual sales funnel and sales process, instead of reviewing your sales manager’s performance.

The Sales Management Training Gap

Proven Sales Management Training Programs

High-performing sales reps get promoted to the position of a sales manager from within an organisation. The promotion is based on a solid track record of sales results. While this is a great baseline requirement for a sales manager, the majority of organisations stop there and overlook other fundamental skills needed for success in the role.

A sales rep might be a top performer but lack what it takes to accomplish the roles and duties of a sales manager. This short-sightedness is a result of wrong assumptions and happens far too often among sales teams. According to a report by CareerBuilder over 26 per cent of managers admitted to not being ready to become a leader when they began managing others, and 58 per cent admitted to not receiving any management training.

Some business owners believe that a sales rep who succeeded in selling will automatically succeed in leading and managing. Big mistake! To be a skilled sales manager necessitates extra skills that are not necessary to be a successful salesperson. Leading and managing a team of sales professionals in an increasingly competitive market requires a more advanced skill set.

Better Sales Figures Begin With Better Salespeople

Experiencing problems converting leads to sales? Simply wishing you were selling more? The Business Coach Specialist provides training focused on sales management and sales team leadership. Tailored sales management courses are essential as the roles need a different set of skills from those used as a sales rep.

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Here is an exhaustive list of responsibilities, that is more in line with the real challenges of the Sales Manager’s role:

Recruitment and Selection – if your sales manager is responsible for hiring and selection, then he or she should also assume the responsibility, privilege and opportunity of training and developing your sales staff. It follows that remuneration, reward and discipline fall in this category.

Training and Development – after recruiting team members successfully, the sales department needs to have the resources to develop, train and maximise your staff’s true potential.

Leadership – sales is a department where true leadership qualities are totally transparent to the whole organisation.

Motivation – who motivates the motivator? One common aspect of successful sales managers is self-motivation.

Highly Affordable Sales Management Training.

Targets and Key Performance Indicators – Sales is arguably the easiest department to measure success or failure. Your sales manager should have clearly defined Targets, Goals and KPI’s. These will act as a motivation for enhanced performance.

Credit Terms  – the sales manager should be fully aware of the business policy on credit terms. He or she should also ensure that clients comply by settling their invoices within the agreed time scales and terms.

Sales and Profit – the business will reserve the right to change direction now and then. The emphasis on sales turnover may be adjusted to a combination of sales and profit or just profitability. Sales managers should be flexible enough to respond to such changes.

CRM System – the prospects’ and customers’ database is a very valuable asset that should be guarded accordingly.

Guarantee – most successful selling has an unconditional, no-risk, 100 percent money-back guarantee. The sales manager should see that this promise is kept.

USB  – the Unique Selling Benefit, or Unique Selling Point (USP) as it is popularly known, should be protected and updated when the need arises.

Sales and Marketing Policy – the company marketing policy should be fully supported and amended as agreed and appropriate. This can include customer service, prospecting, sales and the complete sales process.

Responsibilities – responsibilities must be well-defined, understood and acknowledged.

Levels of Authority – sales managers should honour their responsibilities keeping in mind the levels of authority.

Supporting the Production, Distribution and Service Departments – The manager should support all other departments to help the company continuously deliver “On Time and In Full.”

Exit Strategies – to provide assurance to the clients, it makes sense that the sales manager must be familiar with the company’s exit strategy.

Core Values – the whole sales team must be conversant with and live the corporate core values on a day to day basis. Being in the frontline, their words, actions and deeds are seen first-hand by customers.

Positive Mental Attitude – sales managers know that they were born with a positive mental attitude. They recognise that this attitude is a vital tool for their success.

Going the Extra Mile – the positive, generous and unselfish actions by sales managers in everything they do is an inspiration to others.

Joint Ventures – the company is always on the lookout for joint venture opportunities, where there’s synergy and zero conflict of interest.

Corporate Brand/Image – all successful organisations will have heavily invested in their Brand and Image. The image must be protected at all times to maintain the positive and valuable goodwill developed over time.

What Are The Benefits Of The Business Coach Specialist Sales Management Training Programs?

It takes smart and customised sales training to prepare your sales managers for the challenges they’ll face in their new role. Whether they’re new to the industry or experienced, Tim’s Sales Management Training Courses will prepare them to help your company optimise performance and maximise results.

Besides equipping sales managers with the skills to effectively manage vital sales functions, the courses will train them to manage and motivate sales team members to achieve higher levels of personal, team and organisational success.

You will get a sales manager who:

  • Has the documents, tools, confidence and skills to efficiently lead the whole team to drive results into the future.
  • Will hold sellers accountable to their actions and goals to help you reach your business’ revenue targets.
  • Possesses the necessary tools, processes and interpersonal skills to coach for top performance, motivation, and execution.
  • Discovers performance gaps or red flags before they derail your team.
  • Partners with other departments across the organisation for a common goal.
  • Communicates clearly, creates a vision, measures results and helps the company meet its targets.
  • Resolves disagreements without destroying pivotal relationships.


Most sales managers are former star salespeople who have been promoted. They have selling skills but often don’t know how to lead a team.

Managing a sales team is one of the more difficult jobs in any organisation. There’s more to creating a high-impact sales manager than just promoting the top-performing sales rep.

Building an elite sales team begins with training effective sales managers. The Business Coach Specialist Sales Training Courses focus on planning, forecasting, coaching and communicating skills that sales managers need to be proficient in.

Make your selling techniques work harder for you with our Sales Management Courses. The courses are designed to be both practical and immediately actionable.

Contact Us today to learn more about how our Sales Management Training Programs can help your business.

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