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“It is always the start that requires the greatest effort.” – James Cash Penney, founder and CEO J.C. Penny.

You can invest a massive amount of time and energy in training and in learning all about your product and service. However the sad reality is that a sales person with far less product knowledge than you, but who gets in front of more prospects will sell more.

It is therefore critical to the success of your business that you learn how to identify the customer’s needs or pain points that your product or service will solve.

The Tim Meagher Organisation can show you how to achieve this by teaching your sales staff that it is their job to influence people, in order to win their respect and get them to Like, Know and Trust you. To get them to Like, Know and Trust you, you need to not only identify their need or pain, but be seen to genuinely care.

How to Secure Your First Appointment Using the Perfect Telesales Training Solution

You are entering a very exciting stage in the sales process. You have identified the prospect and now wish to progress the opportunity from what would have been a cold, warm and hot prospect into a new valuable customer.

We have deliberately called this the Telesales Call, but we must be absolutely clear on what we are selling.

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Step 1 – Sell the First Appointment

We are not going to attempt to sell your product or service; we are totally committed to ‘Selling the Appointment’. It’s at the sales appointment that you will attempt to sell your product or service, if the prospect has a genuine need for it.

Step 2 – Sell the Follow-up Appointment

For the first appointment your objective should be for ‘big ticket sales’, to secure a follow-up meeting. On this basis, for the first appointment why not say that ten minutes will be plenty. My justification for this is that it will only take the prospect a great deal less than this for them to decide whether they want you to stay any longer. Make it easy for potential customers to agree to see you in the first place, sixty minutes in a busy diary is a great ask to meet a sales person for the first time. Be prepared to stay sixty minutes, but this will only happen if you have earned the right.

The Sales Process

You would do well to bear in mind that whilst your new potential customer may well be categorised as a ‘Hot Prospect’, they may also be currently buying from one of your competitors. You might start thinking “ I paid good money for this Hot Prospect lead” and now they tell me, they are okay and have no need for my services, and have I been conned? The answer is no you have not been conned, it’s a ‘Hot Prospect’ and not a sale, yet.

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Five Steps to Securing the Sales Appointment

1. Craft a good telesales script

In a few short sentences, you must provide an outline description of your service and compelling reasons why the prospect should meet you. Be ready to counter possible objections by confirming that all of this will be covered when you meet. You must resist the temptation to handle and cover the objection during the initial Telesales call.

2. Position yourself properly

It helps if you don’t start on thin ice. Before calling, send your new potential customers a smart, useful introductory notice. Do not send your company brochure. Just say sufficient to cause the reader to ask, “How does he do that?” “ I need to know more”

3. Be nice to Gatekeepers

Create a friendly mood. Learn screener’s names and preferences. By making the gatekeeper an ally, you’ll win access more easily. They will be flattered when you say, I need your help, am I speaking to Jemima? I need to get together with Mr/Ms… and I know that the best chance I’ve got is with your help. “is it ok if I address my note to you”?

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

For important calls, get off your seat and stand up, this will give your voice greater authority, enthusiasm and energy. Sound confident and enthusiastic, but don’t sound like a high powered sales person, as that will make your potential new customer defensive.

5. Customise your delivery

Bear in mind that people don’t want to be sold to. You might think it is important that you sound red hot and efficient, but be careful not to sound too dominating, control the call by all means but nobody wants to be dominated.

6. Focus

“Mr/Ms prospect… there is something I wish to show you”, now this can be your product and in the absence of a product, it can be a PowerPoint Presentation or your personality, your enthusiasm or better still your positive passion for your product or service.


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It is essential that you are able to control each and every telesales call and it is equally important that you do not appear to dominate the call.

Buying Signals

The prospect is not necessarily saying “I want to buy your product”, he is saying “I am interested in securing more information”. Buying signals need to be handled with kid gloves. We must then do what becomes difficult for most sales people and resist the temptation to answer all his questions. Because if we do, we may then be eliminating the need for a sales appointment.

Most people believe that, in not answering the question, we may appear incompetent, inefficient or evasive, whereas a successful salesperson recognises that the fish is biting and we have to be careful not to frighten him away. Sell the appointment and no more than that.

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