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Do you have an effective sales training course for your sales team, or do you just set them up with a few generic training videos and expect magical results?

As a business owner or sales manager, it’s your job to give your sales team the tools they need to be successful.

With inadequate sales training, your team will struggle, and business growth can become stagnant. This can quickly turn into a domino effect as newer employees will lack exposure to quality training and leadership while more experienced members fall into a slump.

Learn How to Develop Advanced Sales Training Programs With The Business Coach Specialist

Sales training has seen an increase in demand in recent years, and for a good reason. There’s a direct correlation between sales training and attaining sales quotas. A strong, efficient sales team is a big asset to your business. According to TLNT on average, companies that develop and implement advanced sales training programs achieve revenue targets that are 8 percent higher than those that don’t.

When thinking about starting a new sales training program, there are various factors to consider – your budget, skills gap, teaching methods, trending adult learning models, delivery methods, etc.

The Business Coach Specialist combines sales methodology with technology, robust content and quality training and coaching services to meet the needs of current and future data-driven businesses.

When discussing your product or service with a potential client, there is a tendency to talk non-stop about all of the benefits available. It’s important, however, to ask relevant questions and listen to your prospect’s needs. This vital part of the sales process is something that is often missed by a lot of business owners and their staff.

We can show you how to ask the right sales winning questions and improve your customer conversation strategy.

Understanding the Sales Psychology To Develop Your Sales Skills

  • People prefer to do business with people that they Like, Knowand Trust.
  • People don’t want to be sold to, so we must get them to want to buy.
  • People only buy what they want.
  • People don’t know what they want until they know what is available.
  • People are more motivated to avoid pain than gain pleasure. We sell change.
  • People make decisions based on emotion but backed up with logic.
  • A sale is made when the buyer travels through the emotions of ‘Like’ ‘Want’ and ‘Need.’
  • We sell to their needs and get them to want to buy.
  • People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.
  • Sell your passion, your love and your honesty.
  • Take the trouble to stop and think of the other person’s feelings, viewpoints, desires and needs.
  • People will forget what we say and what we do but not how we make them feel.
  • Advertising and Marketing is a fee you pay for not sharing your passion.
Affordable Sales Training Courses

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Advanced Sales Training Programs

When developing your sales training programs, you should ask yourself whether the programme creates long-term change in the behaviours of your salespeople, leading to positive results.

You are going to be judged on those results whether you hire an outsourced training company or create your own sales training programs.

While process components and sales strategy vary by organisation, market or industry, the team management aspect of your sales training programs should always include the following training components:

Encouraging the best from your sales team – as a business owner, you must optimise your sales team’s performance by using SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals. Learn to identify the activities that yield top results given your time investment. Training content should also be customised to your exact requirements, to enable you to set appropriate measurement criteria, clarify expectations, manage documentation and establish clear consequences.

Creating an enabling environment for sales success – you need to know how to create a sales team culture where success is expected and facilitated. You should learn how to hold team members accountable, follow effective hiring processes, foster open communication, and invest in team training. For trust building and accountability, you should also learn how to lay emphasis on clarity measurements, expectations and consequences.

Improving poor performance – you should learn how to support your salespeople with low performance. You can do this by proving additional training and resources, altering work responsibilities and reassigning them to a new role. You need to know how to address poor performance and learn how to manage and implement a performance improvement plan (PIP).

One on one meetings – a sales management course should teach you how to do one on one meetings to foster success, overcome obstacles and improve performance in all levels of the sales cycle.

The Four Phases Of Developing An Effective Sales Training Course

  1. Evaluation – Take Stock of What You Have

Before you develop your sales training, you’ll need to do some housekeeping. To develop an effective sales training programme, you need to know 3 things: where your team is now, where you want it to be and what you’ll do to bridge the gap. Whether you’re a team of 5 or 50, your sales team will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Begin by assessing your current reality. The evaluation can include self-assessment by the employees, an all-round assessment by managers, and an objective assessment by an online evaluation tool or a third party. Create a list of skills and competencies the sales reps on your team need to succeed. You can then benchmark your team against ideal behaviours and top performers.

  1. Impact Training

The next phase is meant to bring everyone onto the same page quickly. Research the training services available to the sales force today. Align sales training methods with your business needs, goals and strategy. Impact training is excellent for communicating best practices, building consensus and short-term motivation. It can be instructor-led, virtual, live or a recorded online course depending on your situation. Regardless of the format, the objectives are the same. Your sales team will be more aware of what’s expected of them. This phase takes place during the first 2-3 months of the training programme. It will help you build a foundation of knowledge that will come in handy when learning and executing new behaviour.

  1. Reinforcement

This is the most important phase. Without reinforcement, impact training won’t lead to long-term success. According to The Association For Talent Development, up to 87 percent of new skills are lost within one week of training, if not used! At this phase, your team will be required to apply the strategy and tactics learnt in the impact phase. To make this possible, they will need to step out of their comfort zone and try something different. To make it become a new habit, they must apply it repeatedly. Since the participants will experience challenges when implementing skills for the first time, they need some live coaching. A solid reinforcement plan should have a long-term impact, usually 1.5- 3 years.

  1. Accountability

This is the final phase, and it involves your sales team moving from application to mastery and ownership. The sales department should constantly be reflecting on their performance. New sales habits are hard to maintain and the whole organisation (peer accountability partners, trainers, managers) plays a vital role in helping the participants stay on track. For best results, create a programme with at least 2 partners for each person. If, for instance, one partner falls sick, is preoccupied or goes on vacation, the participant will stick to the plan.


Change is hard and changing habits through a 2-hour or 3-day seminar is almost impossible. Having sales training on a recurring basis is a proven way to keep both new and seasoned talent sharp. Invest time and resources to develop an effective sales training programme with evaluation, impact, reinforcement and accountability.

Different companies will have their own unique sales training requirements. To learn more about how we can develop a customised sales training programme for your business, why not Contact Us today for an informal chat about our wide-ranging and bespoke sales training courses.

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