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Learn how to develop your sales techniques with The Tim Meagher Organisation. We can show you how to ask the right sales winning questions and improve your customer conversation strategy.

When discussing your product or service with a potential client there is a tendency to talk non-stop about all of the benefits available. It is important however to ask relevant questions and listen to your prospects needs. This vital part of the sales process is something that is often missed by a lot of business owners and their staff.

Understanding the Sales Psychology to Develop Your Sales Skills

  • People prefer to do business with people that they Like, Know and Trust.
  • People don’t want to be sold to, so we have to get them to want to buy.
  • People only buy what they want.
  • People don’t know what they want until they know what is available.
  • People are more motivated to avoid pain than gain pleasure. We sell change.
  • People make decisions based on emotion, but backed up with logic.
  • A sale is made when the buyer travels through the emotions of ‘Like’ ‘Want’ and ‘Need’.
  • We sell to their needs and get them to want to buy.
  • People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.
  • Sell your passion, your love and your honesty.
  • Take the trouble to stop, and think of the other persons feelings, viewpoints, desires and needs.
  • People will forget what we say and what we do but not how we make them feel.
  • Advertising and Marketing is a fee you pay for not sharing your passion.
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The Simple Sales Technique

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  • It is agreed that the objective of a sales presentation is to make a sale.
  • To successfully conclude a sale the purchaser and or the sales person needs to identify the need, the pain or the problem in order that we can satisfy the prospects need and or solve the problem.
  • In our endeavours to identify the need, we must draw on all of our sales techniques and skills. As the customer will not always immediately confide in us, we need to get them to Like, Know and Trust us.
  • If we attempt to prescribe a solution before we have properly and thoroughly identified the need we may well be seen as a dodgy salesman in a hurry.
  • In identifying the need, we must establish which of our products or service would be suitable and in what volume and value the potential customer is already buying elsewhere or has a need.

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