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“Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston S. Churchill

SMEs represent the backbone of the UK economy. According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), at the start of 2019, there were 5.9 million private sector businesses in the UK. 98.6 percent (5.82 million businesses) of the total business population were small.

The biggest challenge for small businesses in the UK is generating new business in the first place. To be a productive and successful business owner, it’s crucial that you identify the answers to these two fundamental questions:

  • What is my speciality and my greatest strength?
  • What is my greatest challenge right now?

Whilst it is vital to know and recognise your greatest strengths and challenges, it’s also essential to the success of your business that you also recognise the strengths and challenges of the business. Remember, it is the business you want to grow and succeed.

Small Business Coach specialist available throughout the UK,

When under immense pressure, it is normal for this pressure to be connected to emotion and relationships. For survival, it would help if you learn how to dissociate personal feelings from the cold calculation that determines your ‘Business’ success.

Just like a sports coach, a small business coach will strive to bring out the best that’s already inside you. By developing you to your highest potential, the result will be portrayed in your success.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years, a small business coach will provide tools, principles and techniques that will help you generate balanced growth in all areas of your business.

A professional business development coach can help new and existing business owners tackle various challenges including:

  • Marketing strategies.
  • Business planning.
  • Logistics issues.
  • Financial budgets.
  • Expansion challenges
  • Technology issues and much more.

The 5 P’s Formula

The answers to our 2 questions will inevitably fall into one or more of the 5 fundamental principles for business success – Purpose, Procedures, Promote, People and Profit.

However, the answer to “What Is Your Greatest Challenge Right Now?” may not appear to be so obvious. There’s a possibility that the business owner hasn’t previously managed his/her own business or lacks training. The business owner probably has a background as a technician, salesperson, administrator, accountant or inventor.

Because of diverse backgrounds, it is possible that the business owners’ challenges will fall into categories outside their traditional areas of expertise. Due to lack of knowledge and expertise, many business owners tend to focus on their primary areas of expertise to stay in their comfort zone.

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Reliable and professional business development coach.

Identifying “The Greatest Challenge” may not be as simple as it sounds. Every small business owner faces a set of challenges at any one time. Challenges can include unreasonable suppliers or shareholders, slow-paying customers, underperforming staff, low sales performance and more.

The successful business owner recognises all these challenges at once, but is smart enough to shift focus to the one specific issue, possibly the most unappealing subject. They will act today, what they would’ve postponed until tomorrow or left for someone else. Doing this will have a profound effect and the greatest impact on their business’ success.

On the other hand, the unsuccessful business owner remains in his or her comfort zone and focusses on what he or she is best at. This type of business owner may well be doomed for failure. He or she concentrates on one area of business at the cost of the whole business.

Why Tim Meagher?

Tim is an accomplished Business Development Coach, Leadership Trainer and Marketing Specialist. He has a great understanding of the challenges business owners face on a daily basis. He raises the bar on small business coaching with decades of experience and proven success with a wide range of SMEs.

Tim is passionate about and believes in the concept of starting and running a successful business that benefits the owner(s), team members and shareholders.

There isn’t much Tim hasn’t seen or heard before when it comes to running a successful business. Therefore he can help you identify the key issues affecting your business including “Your Greatest Challenge Right Now.“ Over the years, he has helped companies gain exemplary results in a very short period with higher employee retention, new hire job fit, improved productivity, increasing profitability and succession planning.

Tim focusses on the bigger picture of what it is you want to create for your business. After careful discussion and analysis, together you will come up with a fool-proof plan for moving forward, and he will support you in achieving that plan. He will help you stay motivated to move forward on your task, dreams and goals.

When the team works, the dream works. Tim will help you get your team united. He will provide you with the skills to “Do What Needs To Be Done, Not What You Prefer To Do.”


50 percent of new small businesses fail within the first 5 years of starting. Keep your business growing and profitable year in year out with our affordable business development coach programme.

If you are looking for a professional small business coach that can help you evaluate ideas, really get you motivated and tells it like it is, why not Contact Us today!

Our coaching, mentoring and personal development services are available throughout the UK.

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