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Staff development isn’t just important to any company; it’s essential. As the battle for top talent becomes competitive by the day, staff development programmes are more in demand than ever. And it’s not just about retaining talented, qualified employees. Staff development directly impacts your bottom line.

“But staff development is only meant for big companies with a complex corporate ladder.” BIG LIE!

Provided your employees seek growth, both your staff and company can reap the rewards of an effective staff development programme. Just ensure the programme addresses the unique needs of your business.

Very few businesses have productive staff development programmes in place. Over the years, Tim has personally assessed thousands of profiles of executives and professionals throughout the country. He discovered that the majority of business owners have an unrealistic and unreliable measurement of their staff’s happiness levels with regard to their job, colleagues and the company.

Affordable and effective staff development training programmes.

Tim Meagher is dedicated to helping business owners and managers inspire and motivate their staff to deliver the desired results. He offers bespoke, highly effective and flexible Staff Development Training solutions. With him, you’re assured of a Bold, Caring, Generous, Imaginative, and Sensitive hand, all the ingredients of a worthwhile investment in your staff. The proof is in the results – your staff’s gratitude will be repaid a hundredfold.

What Is The Difference Between Staff Training And Staff Development?

Despite being distinct, there is some overlap in Training and Development. There are different categories of training (such as sales training and management training) that help employees learn specific knowledge or a set of skills to improve performance in their current roles.

Staff training can be seen as self-serving, in the sense that it only benefits the employer.

Staff development is, however, more expansive. Both the employer and the employee can benefit from staff development. Rather than an immediate job role, staff development focuses on employee growth and future performance.

Most employers think “If we train them, they might leave”, to which we say “What if you don’t train them, and they stay?”

What Does Staff Development Training Mean To Your Company?

Today’s workplace presents new challenges, even for the most veteran employee. A Report by Gallup pointed out that “87 per cent of employees are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.” Put simply, work is more often considered a source of frustration instead of one for fulfilment.

Training and staff development present a great opportunity to expand the knowledge base of your employees. It helps you retain the right people and grow profits.

Many business owners find development opportunities expensive. They feel like missing out on work time delays the completion of projects. Add that to equipment, facilitation and venue hire, all which make staff development an expensive undertaking.

While it’s true to some extent, training and development are beneficial to both the individual and the organisation. This makes the time and costs a worthwhile investment.

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Benefits Of High-Impact Staff Development Training Programmes

Professional Business Coach Specialist.

The importance of staff development really cannot be overemphasised. Here are a few benefits:

Improved employee morale and satisfaction – investing in staff development shows your employees that you value them. The employees will get training that they wouldn’t otherwise seek out themselves, making them feel appreciated and challenged. This will result in a supportive workplace where employees feel more satisfaction toward their jobs.

Improved employee performance – well-trained and motivated employees perform their job better. They have a better understanding of their responsibilities within their role. Staff development can also enhance workplace competence, sensitivity and camaraderie. The confidence that comes with this boosts their overall performance. This will, in turn, help your company become a strong competitor and leader in your industry.

Increased innovation in products and new strategies – ongoing staff development training programmes encourages creativity. As a result of ongoing training and upskilling, employees can form new ideas that can benefit the company.

Improved productivity speed and adherence to quality standards – it’s no easy task bringing new employees up to speed. Your training system will help you tap individuals that value education, growth and long-term commitment to their career. When a company implements staff development, productivity tends to increase. Increased efficiency in processes means project success, which in turn improves the company’s potential market share and turnover.

Reduced employee turnover – as mentioned, investing in your staff will make them feel valued. Your employees view training and development as an additional benefit. This will make them stay in your company for longer. Due to staff retention, you will cut recruitment costs.

Consistency – a robust and effective staff development solution ensures that employees have background knowledge and consistent experience. Consistency is key for the basic policies and procedures of a company. Every employer should understand the expectations and procedures within the company. Improved efficiencies in processes equals financial gain.

Addressing weaknesses – no one is perfect, including your employees. Staff development will allow you to strengthen weaknesses in workplace skills. Bringing all employees to a higher level means they will possess similar skills and knowledge, reducing any weak links within the company.

Enhanced company profile and reputation – having an established staff development strategy will help you develop your brand. Graduates and potential new recruits seeking to improve their opportunities and skills will make your company a prime consideration.

Bespoke Staff Development Programmes

Many staff development programmes are too generic. Such programmes aren’t too personalised enough for specific skills or roles. Tim recognises that staff development isn’t one-size-fits-all. The Business Coach Specialist works with your company to pinpoint the core competencies and gives suggestions to enhance employee performance in these competency areas.

With a bespoke Staff Development programme, your employees will grow and make progress while increasing their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. They will gain lifetime skills, become enthusiastic about personal development and be forever grateful to their mentor, coach or manager.

Mentoring is a vital part of any Staff Development programme. It matches more experienced employees (senior company managers, industry leaders, etc.) with less experienced ones. This gives new employees a hand and makes mentors feel that their knowledge is valued. Connect mentors and mentees based on roles, skills and interests.

A major difference between top quality staff training and development is that the employee will adjust their values and use the skills in their private life. They will forever associate their growth as individuals to their mentors. Remember that staff who benefit from an investment in their personal development will invariably develop a powerful and everlasting loyalty to their mentor.

“Staff don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers.”

Some bad managers overpay their staff as a substitute for proper staff training and development. The result is poorly trained and de-motivated staff clinging to unsuitable jobs or careers, just because the pay is too good.

When providing a customised solution for your company, Tim considers the following components:

  1. Goals that can be measured.
  2. Creative ideas for training initiatives.
  3. Assessment of the company’s needs.
  4. Analysing skill gaps.
  5. Training alignment with company goals/objectives.
  6. Modern and relevant learning materials.

When training feels unnecessary or irrelevant, most employees emotionally and mentally ‘check out’ and resist engaging. To counter this, Tim incorporates practical learning activities that engage employees in active problem solving, leading to improved cognitive management. The activities include role-plays, scenarios, relatable examples and case studies.

Some business owners might fear that staff development only helps employees find jobs elsewhere. Others worry about money or time to make training happen. However, effective staff development solutions will help your company attract and retain talented personnel, and by cultivating an efficient workplace, these programmes can pay for themselves.

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