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Motivating employees and ensuring that they are working to their full potential is an important aspect of being a manager. Doing so involves engaging employees as fully as possible in their daily tasks.

Here are five employee management tips to strengthen that engagement and help you get the most out of your employees:

1. Get them invested in the success of the business.

If a manager can pass a portion of company profits on to their team in the form of performance-based bonuses, this is one of the best motivators. However, if this is not possible, less costly incentives may range from a staff pizza party to ensuring raises and promotions for those who are integral to that success. The key is to make sure that the concrete success of the business is linked to those incentives. Managers should also make sure that staff understands the company’s vision and how their work supports and advances that vision.

2. Show appreciation

This is separate from linking employee efforts to company profits. Showing appreciation in this context should be based only on employee performance. In fact, it may be particularly important to do so during times that are stressful and when employees are working hard but seeing few concrete results.

It may not sound like much, but saying thank you is something managers should make a point of doing on a regular basis. Employees should be thanked for going above and beyond but also for their regular efforts.

Appreciation can be shown in other ways as well such as complimentary tickets to watch a local sports team play or periodic staff luncheons for which the company picks up the tab.

3. Work to align employees with job descriptions that develop their interests and skills

A good manager should know their employees well enough to know what they like and what they are good at. Working to ensure that team members are in positions that make the best of their strongest skills as well as giving them the opportunity to build on their interests is another way of making sure that employees are invested in their jobs.

4. Give them autonomy

Who is likely to perform at their highest level: people who have very little say in what they do, how they do it and when they do it or people who have at least some input into how their work day unfolds? Many studies have shown that a lack of autonomy can be a major source of job stress, so finding ways to give employees some control over their work can go a long way toward reducing this stress. Whether it is empowering employees to make decisions, permitting them to develop their own processes or simply allowing them to make some choices about the order in which they will work on tasks on any given day, granting some independence to employees will enhance their job performance.

5. Promote effective communication

Employees should have a clear idea of what is expected at them at work, but managers need to go beyond communicating with their staff. They should also work to foster communication between co-workers and between their department or work group and others. Good communication should include directness and transparency. Employees should also know how to proceed if they have a grievance about an issue or co-worker or other problems at work.

One of the most important aspects of Staff Development and getting the best from employees is making sure that employees know they are valued. Concrete rewards and demonstrating appreciation for company success and for hard work, providing employees with engaging work and independence, and making sure that communication is smooth at all levels will make the workplace one where employees excel.

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