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Great leadership is an essential component of a good workplace. A business can limp along with weak leadership for years or even decades, but it will result in a workplace plagued by problems such as interpersonal conflicts and high staff turnover. You need people in your company at all levels who can harness and direct the talents of staff in a direction that benefits everyone. Great leaders do this by improving the workplace in a number of specific ways.

Leaders are great motivators. However, leaders don’t just motivate; they also empower people. They show employees their own potential, and they know when it’s time to step back and let people take the reins themselves.

This includes allowing people to make mistakes. Great leaders know that failure is not the end of everything and can even be instructive. A workplace where people are allowed to fail from time to time is one that encourages innovation because innovation cannot occur without risk. This atmosphere of innovation makes for a dynamic and engaging workplace.

Leaders connect the big picture to smaller actions. A company may have a mission statement, but how does that connect to what an individual department needs to do or with the job description or daily duties of a single employee? Workplace leaders know how to tease out those connections and demonstrate them to others. Employees then feel connected to a larger purpose, and even their more mundane tasks take on a new importance.

As part of connecting the larger picture with smaller tasks, leaders help define and direct concrete goals. These should be a mix of short-term and long-term goals, and the goals should be building blocks toward the larger aim of the company.

With the guidance of good leadership, these goals can also be aligned with an individual’s personal goals.

For example, an employee may wish to seek further education or certification in a particular area. The employer might benefit as well from having an employee with this enhanced skill set and be willing to pay for some or all of the education. A workplace leader would help identify these individuals and align these needs for everyone’s benefit.

Because good leaders are also good communicators, a good leader can effectively demonstrate how these goals are connected with the mission of the company. Strong communication from a good leader is important in other ways as well. It sets a standard throughout the workplace, and a workplace in which employees are encouraged to communicate clearly is a more functional workplace.

Without Strong Leadership, it can be surprisingly easy to lose track of goals or become sidetracked with tasks that are ultimately relatively unimportant. Leaders help keep people on message, on task and working toward a common goal.

Ultimately, the strength of leaders in the workplace is that they promote both intangible and tangible qualities that are essential to success. On the intangible side of things, they have the ability to imbue employees with passion and connect them a larger sense of purpose. On the tangible side, they break goals and tasks down into manageable units and demonstrate how those units work together for the advancement of the workplace and its employees.

The other key quality of leaders is their ability to bring out the best in people. In helping employees reach their full potential, leaders strengthen both individuals and companies. In identifying the unique qualities that each employee possesses that can advance the goals of an organisation, a leader makes employees feel that they are valued in the workplace because of those unique qualities and that they are not easily replaced.

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