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Have you ever imagined why some people who set goals, don’t just achieve them, but also achieve them easily?

The good news is that you can easily achieve the same outcome. By having a great knowledge of some of the simple goal-setting Strategies, and applying them, you too will start enjoying the benefits accompanied with setting and achieving goals. Before we move over to the goal-setting strategies, we need to understand some of the secrets behind goals and the part they play.

Firstly let’s take a close look at the purpose of a Goal. For some people, the purpose of a Goal might be  to give direction, a target to aim for and something to hit. For others, the purpose of a Goal could be to get some grip or get moving again, to create energy and acquire some momentum. In some situations, the purpose of a Goal is to align a team with a common focus. Whilst all these are valuable purposes of goal setting, the chief purpose and the number one reason for setting a goal is simply to ACHIEVE it!

Goal Setting Strategies improves your ability to achieve goals so you can enjoy the positive impact and the success it brings. It is when you achieve the goal that you really enjoy the benefits.

Here are 7 tips for successful goal setting, read on!!


The first thing you need to do is to be absolutely clear on the purpose of your goal. Why do you really need to achieve it, and what will it enable?


Only set your goal if you know you are 100% committed to achieving it. You need a mindset of “doing whatever it takes” and an attitude to go the extra mile.


One common mistake most people make is setting lots of goals all at the same time. This may scatter your thoughts and energy. I would recommend that you reduce the number of goals you are attempting to achieve at any one time. When you only have a few key goals you’re working towards you’ll begin to have more energy for them and your result will come out faster and better.


It is better to choose the pain of discipline over the pain of regret. “Stay the course and break through any obstacles with a positive mindset.” Always ask yourself these two great questions – “how can I overcome this” and ”what if I can?”


SMARTI simply means- “Specific, Measurable, Action-based, Realistic, Timeframe, and Inspiring.”

Your goals need to be specific and well defined. For example “I want to increase my sales” cannot be considered as specific enough. “I will increase my sales revenues by £5,000 per month within the next 120 days” is better. You have a measurable goal (£5.000). You will need some activity to achieve it, and has a timeframe of 120days.


Make sure you identify your obstacles and come up with a strategy to overcome them before setting out.


You will need to set out a “time to plan” each week which is committed to working towards your Goals. Make sure your goals and activity are in accurate alignment. Always remember that, Results = Intention x Attention.

In order to be successful and achieve your Goals on a regular basis you need to develop the right mindset. How you can adopt a continuous learning mindset is one of the chapters included in my new Ebook – Supercharge Your Brain.

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