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At its best, training your staff in the workplace is beneficial to both employees and the organisation. The key is identifying staff who would gain the most from the training and who would be able to use those skills in a way that best serves the company. Most of us have had the frustrating experience of sitting through work training sessions that lack relevance to our own jobs. However, matching the right training with the right employee can be a powerful tool to increase productivity, boost morale and cultivate new skills throughout your department or company.

Training staff in the workplace sends an important message to employees as well. It is a signal that you are investing in them. It says that you are willing to devote time during the work day as well as company resources in the form of office space to that training. Furthermore, it signals to employees that you are interested in their professional development. This builds loyalty and results in higher retention rates.

Studies have shown that good professional development has far-reaching implications throughout an organisation. Given new solutions, employees feel empowered to problem solve while managers spend less time dealing with issues for which employees were previously not sufficiently trained.

Staff training is also a necessary aspect of keeping a company current with technology and industry trends.

Even the most conservative industries, such as insurance, are seeing exciting technological innovation. However, keeping up with trends is not just about technology; industries also develop more effective ways of dealing with challenges, and this can also be taught in Staff Training.

Identifying employees who seem to have leadership or other qualities that make you want to invest in their professional development is an excellent approach to selecting candidates for further training, but you should also consider what you might learn about employees through training itself. Training onsite provides you with the opportunity to observe your employees, and what you find out may surprise you. Employees may show unexpected potential. What appears to be a lack of motivation in an employee may be revealed through training to be a lack of challenges. Onsite training might be the place to identify employees who could be great assets to your organisation who might otherwise have been overlooked.

Staff training is not just about technology or learning new ways of doing a task; it can be about teaching soft skills as well. Training may teach employees how to better negotiate interpersonal conflict in the workplace whether it involves co-workers or clients and customers.

Workplace training provides the opportunity to examine both employee and employer expectations as well as looking at goals and the company’s mission. Employees may sometimes feel mired in the minutiae of the work they do and their daily tasks. Training can be an excellent time to remind everyone of the larger goal toward which they are all striving.

It can also be a time to examine whether current processes are still in alignment with that goal. This presents another opportunity for empowering employees. How do they see themselves and their job duties within the larger organisation? What suggestions might they have about how their role can be improved? When you are faced with a roomful of employees in a training session, consider that everyone in the room is an expert at the position that they hold within the company, and as an owner or manager, you have a powerful opportunity to find out how you can work toward improvement at every level.

Training that considers the goals and needs of staff and the organisation can be one of the most effective ways to benefit both employees and the company. By demonstrating to employees that you value their contributions enough to continue their development, you will cultivate an engaged and productive workplace.

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