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Is a happy work-force more productive and effective than an unhappy one?

1.    “A happy workforce is more engaged, creative and more focused, increasing the overall productivity of a company” – Tim Smedley for the Guardian Professional Network.

2.    “A happy workforce is a more productive workforce, it makes sound business sense and has significantly outperformed their peers throughout the recession, despite having also had to restructure and downsize” – Martin Leuw of  the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies.

3.    “It’s no secret that a happy workforce is a considerably more productive and therefore more valuable to a company” – Spectrum Health.

4.    “Happy workers are more productive workers and they are less likely to leave. Love them and they will love you back” – Simon Devonshire Daily Telegraph SME Masterclass.

5.    “The old adage that a happy workforce is a productive one is a business philosophy that still rings true today, perhaps more than ever” – Stephen Menko Director of HR recruiter.

6.    “Happier staff work more efficiently and have less absenteeism” – Martin Seligman Psychologist.

7.    “Happy employees are usually better liked by peers and this translates into a more fruitful teamwork environment, more satisfied customers and improved sales. An unhappy worker is an unhealthy worker and an unhealthy worker    will cost your business money” – Harvard Business School.

Tim Meagher’s latest book “The Happy and Effective Staff Handbook” will show you how to increase the effectiveness and overall efficiency of your staff in the workplace and how to maximise the profitability of your business.

These invaluable insights are based on over three decades of working with hundreds of business owners and thousands of staff across eighty four industries.

Packed with over 45 pages of useful advice, this informative and unique staff handbook will help you to develop both your employees and your business and explains why you should invest in a happy workforce

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