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Telesales or ‘cold calling’ is still a highly effective way to reach prospects and secure sales. Automated sales tools continue to create new efficiencies for field and inside sales teams. While they are not what they used to be, you still need a higher level of mastery and strategy to reach more customers without travel or in-person meetings.

Instead of dedicating your time and resources into teaching your sales people all about your products and services, shift your focus to training them on how to get more prospects. It’s the person on the phone who makes the difference. Identifying and solving the unique needs of your target audience will help you sell more. That’s what every business wants, right?

That’s where the Business Coach Specialist comes in!

Tim Meagher has been offering bespoke telesales training sessions for almost 40 years. His training will equip your staff with advanced tactics for driving value in each interaction to increase your phone leads, sales and outbound ROI.

Securing Your First Appointment Using the Perfect Telesales Training Solution

This is an exciting stage in the sales process, turning a prospect into a new valuable customer.

While we refer to this as the Telesales Call, it’s crucial to be very clear on what we’re selling.

Incredibly effective Telesales Training Solutions for businesses across the UK.

Step 1 – Sell The First Appointment Not The Product

Tim is fully committed to helping you ‘Sell the Appointment’ as opposed to hard-selling your product or service.

As a salesperson, you should never sell someone on a price. Bringing up the price first will make the customer evaluate the product or service like a commodity. This will leave you with zero leverage in presenting your value. Sell on value so that the price appears like a no-brainer.

Step 2 – Sell The Follow-up Appointment

Step 2 is all about securing a follow-up meeting by going for ‘big-ticket sales.’ The first appointment will take approximately 10 minutes. In this period, the prospect will decide whether or not they want you to stay longer.

To help you secure your second appointment you must hold something back that the prospect wants. This can be information, a testimonial, a demonstration or indeed the price. Hold this back until the second or even subsequent meetings, thereby allowing the prospect to get to Know, Like and Trust you.

According to Marketing Donut, only 2% of sales occur at a first meeting and 80% of sales occur only after at least 5 follow-ups.

Almost half of all sales people quit after only 1 follow up. Don’t be that person. Instead of leaving the follow-ups in the clients’ hands, set up a time to talk again.

It’s your job to make it easy for potential customers to agree to see you in the first place. An hour in a busy diary is a great ask to meet a salesperson for the first time. If you’ve earned the right, get ready to stay an hour.

The Sales Process

Many businesses forget about competitors when dealing with potential customers. Consumers are increasingly researching purchases online. According to an IPSOS survey, 53 percent of shoppers admit to researching before buying, to ensure they are making the best possible choice.

Bearing this in mind, don’t feel betrayed or conned when a ‘Hot Prospect’ buys from one of your competitors. Remember it’s just a prospect and not a sale, yet.

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8 Steps To Securing The Sales Appointment

1. Write A Compelling Telesales Script

Do away with off the cuff, freewheeling calls. Craft a catchy outline description of your service and convince the prospect why they should choose you.

There are no downsides to using a telesales script – only to misusing one. No one wants to hear long speeches – make your script short, clear and to the point.

Practice to use the script without sounding like you are reading from it. Communicate the benefits, generate the leads and get the appointment, lead or sale.

Also, get the right calling gear and ensure the phone you’re using has excellent connection. This is vital and often overlooked. The right headset will reduce neck strain. Quality counts and it represents your company.

2. Avoid Negotiating Over The Phone

Be prepared to get and deal with objections. Objections will come up on every call. Unless there’s no other way, don’t be tempted to handle and cover the objection during the initial Telesales call.

Since you can’t see the potential customer, you lack the advantage of using body language as a tool for negotiation. Counter the objections by confirming that this will be addressed when you meet.

Some objections, however, need to be covered. If you have to negotiate over the phone, use your tone of voice and pauses in the same way as you would in a face-to-face situation. Addressing the objection before the prospect gives you the opportunity to frame it in a positive light.

3. Take Timing Seriously

Just like in many areas of life, timing in telesales is everything. We all accomplish more during peak hours, so it’s vital to be at peak efficiency when making the calls.

A behavioural MIT Lead Response Management Study revealed the times when telesales people had success calling prospects.

According to the survey, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to call, while Mondays and Tuesdays are the worst days to call. 4-6 pm is the best period to call to initiate contact with a lead, the second-best is 8-10 am, and the worst time is 11 am-2 pm.

4. Introduce Yourself Properly

It will be helpful if you start your conversation on the right foot. Accord the same level of respect to the gatekeeper as you would show the prospect you’re looking to talk to.

Don’t sound salesy. Create a friendly mood by learning the screener’s name and preferences. Customers always love to hear their names, so use it. Always have the prospect’s name and the name of their company written on paper.

Try and send your new potential client a smart, informational, introductory note. Since the other person can’t see you, use descriptive words that paint a picture. Capture your potential customer’s imagination instead of sending a boring company brochure.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to be a pro in telesales, you can’t afford to be timid. You are in a better position if you sound confident and enthusiastic.

Affordable sales training courses.

If you’re dealing with an important call, get off your seat and talk while in a standing position. Standing will give your voice greater energy, enthusiasm and authority.

If you sound flat and disinterested, how do you expect the prospect to show interest in what you’re selling? Talk with your hands as it lets you convey more energy in your voice.

Try not to sound like a high powered salesperson. This may trigger your potential new client to become defensive.

6. Maintain Your Cool

This may sound disappointing, but people don’t want to be sold to. Yes, you want the potential customer to feel the positive passion for your product or service. Don’t come off as red hot and efficient; this is one of the easiest ways to lose potential clients.

To build the dialogue, use open-ended questions. Your tone of voice matters more than you think. While you’re in control, customise your delivery and try not to sound too dominating.

7. Don’t Be Too Quick To Hang Up The Phone

As a telesales person, you should never be the first to hang up a call. Always allow the prospect to disconnect first.

After the prospect disconnects, be quiet for a few seconds. Sometimes, a person will think they have ended the call when they haven’t.

8. Limit Background Noise And Distractions

A little background noise is okay, but loud music and sounds of other informal activities going on in the background is a no-no!

Alerts like emails popping up on your PC screen while on call can distract you. This may cause you to miss an important point.

Buying Signals

Reading and understanding the prospect’s buying signals is vital. Sometimes, the prospect just wants to secure more information.

Resist the temptation to answer all questions. This is something that most people struggle with. They feel that avoiding answering the question may make them appear inefficient, incompetent or evasive.

This is not the case. Answering questions will be eliminating the need for a sales appointment. Sell the appointment and no more than that.

Over To You…

Every business can benefit from a well-structured telesales training course. If you want to engage with your target audience and improve your cold call results, look no further than one of our highly affordable sales training courses.

Ensure your sales people are well-trained to get the best you can out of it! Stand out from the crowd and get good at being the best!

In addition to our popular Telesales Training solutions, we also offer extensive, affordable and highly competent Sales Prospecting, Business Coaching and Sales Training programs to help you unlock the potential of your sales team. All programs are customised to meet your unique needs.

Contact Us today for more information on our wide range of sales training programs or on how to apply any of the above tips to get the most from your next telesales call. We are waiting to hear from you!

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